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  After the resonant decline of the three major indexes on Black Monday, the three major indexes continued to open lower in early trading on Tuesday.After the opening, the weight of the subject matter once again a comprehensive sell-off, the three major indexes continue to open low down, have broken multiple important support.Among them, on June 15, the Shanghai Composite Index fell below the 5000 point mark, and on June 16, it fell below the 4900 point mark.Today, it fell below the 4800 point mark.The gem index fell more than 5% in the morning after a decline of more than 5% on Monday.Although it rebounded, it was still below the 3600 point mark.Turnover performance to a certain degree of shrinkage, all sectors are ink, the market showed a general decline trend.As a small group, how can we settle down in the future?
  Situation 1: the account is still profitable

  Suggestion: investors first need to verify the fundamentals of the stock.If the stock itself is of good quality and the degree of capital intervention is relatively deep from the perspective of technical graphics, they should continue to hold the stock and wait carefully until the market situation is clear.如果投资者手中的股票属于题材炒作的范畴,且题材没有公开核实,投资者听到的是“下水道消息”,股票基本面没有实际的业绩支撑,那么就应该高价离场。












  4.Correct the mistake after choosing the wrong one, change the stock, change the wrong one again!

  5.Determined not to engage in short-term, long-term shareholding, long-term does not rise!
  6.Cast a long line, the next day limit!

  7.Go to short-term again, be covered immediately!
  How to deal with the “hidden rules of stock market”?

  1.Good not to buy has been up, chasing up after buying bear like!
  If you are optimistic, you will buy at the bottom, but not at the top.It’s not mine.I don’t want it.

  2.Angry but sell; sell immediately up!
  It’s not impulsive when you buy, it’s the same when you sell.More research on technology, capital, quantity and energy change, research on buy point, buy point, quantity and energy supply critical point.After training, he sold it and you bought it.

  3.Choose one of the two is bound to choose the wrong, buy the fall, did not buy up!
  It’s a good choice to combine different warehouses.Rise in place, throw, make up another, the same move to crack 3, 4 “hidden rules.”.

  4.Correct the mistake after choosing the wrong one, change the stock, change the wrong one again!
  Before the stock exchange, consider whether the reasons for selling and buying have changed, or whether the fundamentals have changed.Or whether the technical side has reached an inflection point.One of the advantages of technology is to avoid your emotional control decisions, which can tell you the bottom of the short and medium term!

  5.Determined not to engage in short-term, long-term shareholding, long-term does not rise!
  If you don’t have a breakthrough in technology, or a breakthrough point, why do you buy it!The main force of the cat is naughty.It’s good for you to go home!That’s good.The problem is, no one’s hiding a cat with you.You hide, you think someone will look for you, in fact, no one to play with you, no one to look for you.This is a game often played by Qizong, a self styled value school.

  6.Cast a long line, the next day limit!
  In the end how to judge: look at the volume, look at the boll line, look at the chip clutch.

  7.Go to short-term again, be covered immediately!
  Are you long-term or short-term?If you don’t understand yourself, how can you understand the market?If you like long lines and itchy hands.What should we do?Plant half of the pillars and don’t move.Trees that grow half of the firewood often move.Or you can adjust the position combination yourself.




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